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ID Guard Offline is a mobile application specifically designed for user password management. It secures all your passwords and prevents illegal access to applications on your phone. To promote easy access to the applications and websites you regularly visit, ID Guard Offline saves and stores all your passwords securely.

Unlike most applications, ID Guard Offline doesn’t require internet access to use the saved passwords. This is a great advantage for those working outdoors and can’t access their home Wi-Fi to retrieve passwords for various sites.

Further Description of ID Guard Offline

The term “offline storage” implies that the passwords are only saved on your phone and never uploaded to the cloud. Is ID Guard Offline secure from app clone attacks? Yes! The app comes with a security chip encryption that makes it safe, like most smartphone wallets.

It makes use of standard encryption technologies like AES-256 and PBKDF2. The app also boosts user privacy since it never triggers a person to sign-up or log in before accessing its unique features. This implies that the app never stores personal information (that is prone to access by third parties).

When someone picks up your phone by mistake, they cannot access ID Guard Offline without your permission or presence. The app allows you to set a master password and use biometric authentication to identify yourself.

These features help add extra security layers in case someone steals your phone or wants to tamper with personal information.

How Can I Get Started with ID Guard Offline?

First, you’ll need to download and install the app on your Android or iOS phone. The app is only 39 MB and can take you at most 2 minutes to download. You can visit the Apple store or Google Play to download the app.

Alternatively, you can directly follow this link to access the latest version of the software. Something good about this app is it works for both Android and iOS devices. The only device requirement is that your Android device should be running on android 9 or higher.

Upon downloading and installing the app, it is effortless to navigate, thanks to its interactive user interface.

Features of ID Guard Offline

Some of the features that make ID Guard Offline outshine its competition include:

· Automatically save passwords

The app can automatically save passwords for 1000+ accounts. Once you input a password for a given site or mobile application, ID Guard Offline will save it instantly to enable easy access in the future.

· Password migration

If you’ve recently bought a new phone and wondering how to transfer passwords from your old phone, ID Guard Offline gets you sorted. Its “Backup & Restore” feature will retrieve all the passwords from your old phone.

· Password autofill for mobile apps and browsers

After automatically saving passwords for your mobile apps and browsers, this app makes everything easier for you by auto-filling the details when logging into such applications.


· Recover a forgotten master password

ID Guard Offline allows you to set a master password for your phone. However, if you happen to forget this password, the app still enables you to retrieve it. You’ll just need to seek help from your peers with this app, and they’ll help you retrieve the password.

· Scan QR code to access passwords on webpages

The app also works well with desktop browser extensions. Once you’ve saved passwords for given webpages through ID Guard Offline, it allows you to scan a QR code and autofill passwords for the respective webpages.


In addition to these primary features, ID Guard Offline allows you to use an OTP authenticator, save attachments, and generate strong passwords for sites prone to malicious attacks.

Pros and Cons of ID Guard Offline


· No internet is required to access the app

· No sign-up or access to personal information

· Add an account with just one tap

· Recover forgotten master password

· Autofill passwords with only 2 taps

· Secure desktop filling

· Hundreds of customized account templates

· Gives you access to a one-time password authenticator

· Keep attachments

· 10,000+ installs worldwide



· Cannot work on android 8.1 or lower

· Password migration could take some time

Final Remarks

ID Guard Offline is the app you need if you want to manage all the passwords on your iOS or Android device. Since the application doesn’t store passwords in the cloud, it keeps you secure from attackers. With this app, you can enjoy various benefits, including:

· Automatic saving of passwords

· Password migration

· Password autofill for mobile apps and browsers

· Recover a forgotten master password

· Scan QR code to access passwords on webpages

This app is efficient since it doesn’t require any internet access, sign-up, or access to personal information. With over 10K downloads worldwide, ID Guard Offline is the app to watch. To get started with password management today using ID Guard Offline, you can click here to download and install it on your device securely.



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